Dave’s Trusted Partners

Dave Stanton partners with people with honesty and integrity, so that you know that you won’t get anything but the best from working with and buying from them.

Yellowbox Shed logoJohn and Julia from the Yellowbox Shed

John has developed the legs for the Stanton Bench, along with a wide range of bench dogs and other useful workshop tools. Visit the Yellowbox Shed website to see and buy his work.

Julia keeps John fed and watered, occasionally takes him out to play, and builds websites on demand.

tbdcnc logoLuke and Katelyn from tbdcnc

tbdcnc is the USA producer of the Stanton Bench, amongst many, many other things!

Luke is chief engineer and producer, and Katelyn is in charge of Social Media, quality control and packaging.

Visit the tbdcnc website for an amazing range of CNC and other products.


You can also support the companies that have supported Dave through supplying giveaways or samples: