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Recent Reviews

Such a precisely designed and manufactured tool

5.0 rating

The bench went together perfectly, the tolerances are gorgeous. I’m working on making a dedicated spot for it in my shop so I can use it to its full capacity!

Tighe Crovetti

Response from STANTON BENCH

No headaches with assembly and the Stanton bench works as I said it would. Great to hear these responses!!

MDF is Sweet!

5.0 rating

I suspect most people that have anything to do with the Stanton bench will have seen Joe’s video on Dave’s YouTube channel. I am Joe’s Dad and I remarked to Dave that since I gave Joe his bench for Christmas I had severe bench envy!! Dave let me know that he was also releasing his bench in MDF…. Sold me! Once I had it assembled, it looked so much better (aesthetically) than the ply version, the edges are sharper and it has a uniform color which can’t be matched with the veneers of the plywood. It polished up really nicely with the wax and looks a thing of beauty sitting up on my work bench… its almost a shame to use it! I opted to use the Festool friction tape (which I supplied) which I believe is thicker and more grippy than the tape Dave was supplying in an effort to keep costs down. I understand that Dave is now supplying the Festool tape as standard? in his bench kit now which will make the Stanton Bench experience so much better. I would HIGHLY recommend the Stanton MDF bench over the PLY version purely to satisfy those of you with any OCD tendancies you wont regret it… either way, whichever version you choose you will have made an investment in your woodworking accuracy!… cheers Dave

Joe's Dad

Response from STANTON BENCH

I agree Joe’s Dad, moisture resistant MDF is sweet to have the Stanton bench manufactured from!

Best bench ever!

5.0 rating

I have a craftsman rotary bench that’s great because it has three sections for tool that rotate when you need them. I’ve always kept one for a bench top. Only one problem. The surface is not very level or stable. The Stanton Bench solved the problem. It’s perfect to sit on top of the Craftsman Bench. I love it. Also the kit was absolutely complete. You get everything you need and it was all packed perfectly. I’m in the US so I received my bench from Luke and he did a perfect job. Dave and Luke thanks for making such a great product. Well done.

John Parra

Great Bench

5.0 rating

I just finished building Dave’s bench and I’m really happy with result. I followed the build video on YouTube and it all went together very easily. The size of the bench is a perfect fit for my Chevy Silverado pickup’s tailgate too, which lets me work outside when the weather is nice. I’m going to cut a slot to use as a hand grip on mine on the side opposite the apron to help with carrying. Very pleased with the project. Thanks!
– Rick
-Carefree, Arizona USA

Rick Graham

A gift from ME to ME

5.0 rating

I received the Stanton Bench from Luke in the USA in excellent condition. I followed Dave’s advise to put it to rest for a while in cool dry place. I am way over my head right now and will send some pictures soon. Sorry Dave I can not honor you work right away but I am very pleased with the Stanton Bench and I had a BIG smiling face on reception of the Bench. I am sure it will help me in a near future.

Gilles Desrosiers


5.0 rating

Such a brilliant idea when you don’t have a dedicated workshop. I can just set it up on top of the table and it’s ‘power tools GO’. It gives me amazing accuracy, nothing slides around on it, I get the benefits of a workshop right in my lounge room. I LOVE IT!!!


A Fantastic Xmas Present

5.0 rating

After watching Dave make his first ‘Stanton Bench’ and then the subsequent improvements, I managed to drop enough hints to my wife that the ‘Stanton Bench’ would make a great Xmas present. My wife did not disappoint, and come xmas morning there it was under the tree!
From the moment the order was placed Dave quickly had the bench packed and in the post for delivery. I must say from all accounts Dave remained in contact via email to my wife to ensure the bench made its destination.
The bench is now assembled and has taken pride of place in the workshop. If you have considered purchasing or making the ‘Stanton Bench’ hesitate no longer you won’t be disappointed. In the words of Nike ‘Just do it’!
Thanks Dave for producing such a great product!

Greg Burchell

A gift!

5.0 rating

Just completed a 2nd Stanton Bench. The 1st was a gift, and I immediately missed it after it went to its new home. It’s slick! It’s grippy! It has so many work holding options!


Joe's Chrismas Present (with video)

5.0 rating

Joe’s Christmas Present video – https://youtu.be/lmLA4l42oZ8
I have been watching Dave Stanton’s YouTube channel for about a year now, and have really enjoyed his style and content. During this time I watched his development of what we know today as the “Stanton Bench”. Over many months it has evolved into a very professional looking, functional and desirable ‘must have’ workshop accessory. My adult son, who lives interstate has recently been very creative in his own garage making some bespoke pieces with very rudimentary tools and equipment. I knew he would absolutely appreciate one of Dave’s benches so I bought him one for Christmas!
He was pleasantly surprised at his rather large gift wrapped present and once unwrapped was keen to start assembly… So together on Christmas night we watched Dave’s assembly video. The next morning right after breakfast on Boxing day we were in my workshop putting it together. We started at around 0900 and by lunchtime it was sitting proudly atop my assembly table.
All the pieces are beautifully machined on the CNC and fit together with precision. It is made from quality marine ply and stenciled for easy assembly orientation. Actually most of the assembly time was spent waxing all the boards, although not necessarily a requirement it will keep the bench looking good for years to come. Installing the T track and friction tape was probably the most complex step, but even that was easy really. It was an enjoyable project to do together, and now sits rock solid on the assembly table …it looks bloody good, all polished standing on its bright blue legs! Lastly, it was beer o’clock whilst we played with the bench using a multitude of clamps, bench dogs and jigs… talk about versatile!
I have serious bench envy now, so I’ll have to get one for myself! Please Dave, can I have another?

Joe's Dad

Feedback from Etsy

4.0 rating

I liked the fact that I could download the plan instantly. It looks good but I will know more when I come to build the project. I feel comfortable building the top section as the video and plan are very comprehensive. The front look more complicated. I am loving Dave’s videos on YouTube and I am trying to tune in to the Sunday morning live telecast. I also have found out how to write a review of my plan purchase which just appeared in the app after I logged in.
Thanks Dave

Michael House

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